Monday, May 30, 2011

Finding New Love... in the Person of Jesus Christ

It's been almost 3 weeks had passed since the first time I joined this Christian community. Meeting new people in the church is so much fun since almost of the members were my colleagues and friends of my parents. I was influenced by my papa who is the first member of the church and also by the two missionaries Elders Collado and Pickard. Who've been my teachers for the past 2 weeks, giving me teachings about Jesus Christ. Another thing I loved about the church is that we have our Sunday schools after the mass which is far different from Catholic religion where I've grown up. We also have our group activities which is a group of people of the same age to get-together in service to God. One time I've attended the YSA (Young Single Adult) activity held at the Noyann's Beach here in our town, which is also a despidida party for Elder Pickard. Though a little sad knowing that Elder Pickard is sent to Sagay for his new mission,  but hoping one day we'll see each other again in the church. I know with his new mission he will be able to meet new people in  the church and also to touch more people's lives with his teachings about Christ. Just this week, I met another elder named Elder Mahor who is a new missionary to collaborate with Elder Collado with the teachings of the church. I was really inspired by the teachings about Jesus Christ and that made me to pursue with my baptism this coming June 2011. Looking forward in becoming more closer with Christ. I know that what they're teaching is true, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Friday, May 27, 2011

CC: Karen as a Sister/ Friend

Hello blogger friends! It's CC once again, and I'm here to tell you something about me as a sister/ friend which is the topic for this week in Couple's Corner.

My sis Kris
Before anything else, I'll introduce to you my dear late sissy, Kris. We were just 2 sisters in the family and she's my younger sis. I'm 3 years older to her, and way back our younger days...since our age is just closed-gap to each other, we cannot run away from the so called sibling rivalry. We were always compared by our parents to each other since she was the "best" for them (class valedictorian, extemporaneous speaker, graceful dancer, good singer, beauty and brains, a genius, that I can say that she's almost perfect), and can't deny that I'm at times got jealous with her, in everything (but that was a long time ago...Now I realized that I shouldn't be cos' we have our own uniqueness in us that only we can play)...and that means we're not close to each other. Then came a time that we're already at the adolescent stage...and at that moment, we began to build a wonderful friendship not only as sisters but also as best friends. We always have our time to talk at night before going to sleep about what had happened to us during the day. We both share each others secrets (about BOYS) and problems that somehow made us both relieved and always had a shoulder to cry on during heart breaks. Sometimes we also had our quarrels and misunderstanding, that leads us to hurting each other (pulling each others hair) and just laugh about it after seeing how we look with our hair all messed up... Though she was younger, she was the one protecting me from other people who tried to hurt me, a very tough and vocal girl (na ako dapat ang gumagawa kasi mas matanda ako)...We were both different from each other, but what makes us the same is that we both love each other. So sad now, that she's already gone...but what we've been doing before is still what I'm doin' now. I just missed her a lot though it was already 7 years had passed but still the memories we had were still fresh and will always be remembered. I know wherever she is now, she's happy and is proud seeing me reaching and fulfilling both our dreams for our family...and I did it all b'cos of Him and her as my guiding "angel". 


Before reading, have some testimonies from my friends first to know me more better than reading this...*wink* (baka kasi walang maniwala sa' I can say that I'm a very good friend to those who are good to me and even to those who are not. I'm a kind of person that doesn't mind what others will say about me as long as I know myself far more better than them. Others may say that I'm "suplada" by first impression but find it wrong later...maybe it was just b'cos I'm just quiet most of the time, to those people who I'm new with, but for my friends wayback grade school and high school or even college...what they'll say about me is that I'm a very funny person and a good adviser about life and love (I'm someone who's more experience for them). I'm the coordinator of the group, I was the one making plans during occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc.). I'm the artists of the group, I remembered during school days that my classmates were always asking me a favor with their projects (speaking of arts and crafts..cos' I'm good at it!), if it's a group project then they'll have to pay me but if personal kapag friend ko libre na.. I'm also the cook of the group, kasi masarap daw akong magluto. I'm a person who will definitely do everything for my friends and loved ones without asking anything in return. I am someone very loyal to my friends and definitely will speak my heart out if I don't like you in any way or another. And will nevertheless, express my gratitude to my friends who are worthy to be praised. I may be at times quiet and shy but I am sincere to my friends and newly found friends (and not a "plastic" one, who is good when you're around and stabs you at the back). Maybe at some point I hurt other people's feelings by being to frank with my words, but for me it's not my intention to hurt them it was just that I'm a more true friend for them to tell them directly for the better. And am proud to say that my friends continue to get bigger each day and that my old friends are still behind me through thick and thin. Maybe it would be better for you to know me personally to know me more deeper.


Edwin Insular
 This is my best friend Ed, I miss him so much, so sad we can't be together anymore. He passed away last October 22, 2008 due to Acute Pancreatitis. We both collided b'cos we're both the same speaking of attitude. He was also a taurus, and maybe that's the reason. Pareho kaming may you bogs!

Lareina Sy
This is Lareina, my best friend who's residing now in Australia, we only have our communication through chatting and FB, she's younger than me but she talks maturely ( you Lar! see you soon

Jo Ji Young
 This is Min, she's my Korean best friend wayback my 1st year in the university. She studied here in the Philippines to learn English and also to become a nurse, she said that the education here is much more cheaper compare in Korea. She's the one who's calling me in the middle of the night to go to her house and accompany her b'cos she's afraid of She's the one who taught me Korean in exchange that I'll teach her English. Now she's back there and only have our communication through ym...miss you Min..(제가 최소 당신이 그리워요)
Christian Perez and Ma. Desa Gavaran
 This were Christian and Desa, my best friends, Christian is a seaman and still searching for the right girl for him; on the other hand, Desa is a mom to Pao2x a cute little boy. We just see each other last fiesta in our town, they are my childhood best friends.

Julie Ann Marie Guion
 This is An2x, my best friend and also my cousin, we seldom see each other since she's in the city, but we never fail to communicate through texting and also in fb. She was the high school sweetheart of (binuking talaga dito).

Klarence Casuyon
This is Klarence, I used to call him Kcas, he was my best friend at the same time my cousin. He's now married to Razl a friend of Joey. We see each other last week during our town fiesta and we stayed in their house. He's also the godfather of my babe.

Joni Marie Rivera
 This is Wan2x, she's my childhood best friend since our parents were also good friends wayback at CFC (Couple's for Christ). She's now in Ilo2x and so sad we don't have our communications now. I remembered the last time we've been together was during our grade school reunion last December 2008. We both love to draw and paint, and we were rivals during competitions but not in real life.

Carina Rose Cabello
This is Aruba my childhood best friend, since our parents were also good friends (CFC times). She's also a mom to Elija, a cute little boy. We always see each other since, our house is just walking distance. She's ther one who influenced me in baking.

Sorry I can't have all of my friends posted here...I'll try to add them from time to keep posted!;)

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Black Saturday Getaway

Last Holy Week, me and my high school friends planned an outing at a nearby resort in our place. Since our two friends whom were seaman's just arrived in the Philippines for their vacation, so it was their treat...*wink*

Eversince we've graduated from high school, and went our separates ways in college, still we never forget the friendship we've built during our high school days. Though some of our friends weren't here at the moment for some reasons that they're already working and some we're too busy with their own businesses and families. Supposedly, we planned to go outing on Easter Sunday, so at that early Saturday morning my friends (Reagan and wife Mae, Christian, Klarence and Oree) went to Canonoy and Paradiso for a reservation but sadly, they we're already fully booked. The last option was at Papi's Pool, which is nearer our town. So they went there and should only have a reservation for the next day when Christian texted me that we'll going to go their on that same day. So I told our friends to prepare and that we'll meet at a friends house so that we could buy our foods and go together at Papi's. We arrived there around 12nn and cooked our lunch. Then we went swimming while others were drinking.

Since it was Black Saturday, the resort is only open until 6pm, so we decided to moved to Joshua's cottage in Binalbagan. There, they continue the drinking session, until all the drinks were finished.

After we went home around 9pm with the join-ride (same as what we did during highschool after classes, we ride on a tricycle, where it was fully loaded then the driver will send us home one-by-one) and misses doing that, so we did it again...We were tired but happy...Another wonderful moment to cherish our friendship..
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Scenic Sunday

Friday, May 20, 2011

At Cebu Port

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

"While we try to teach our children all about life. Our children teach us what life is all about."

--- Angela Schwindt

To my sister, mother, and girlfriends:

As you prepare to be entrusted with a beautiful soul to care for and love, whether it be for a moment, a month, a year, a life... please savour every moment fully and open yourself up to the ride of your life. Here is some of what I've learned from having watched, listened, hurt, struggled and more than anything --- by being loved so fully, so unconditionally, in the special way that only a child can love you.

Your child will teach you that at first you are their world. They need you and only you, not the TV, not the magazines, not Google, not the mothers or the forever chiming in critics around you… no one but you and your gut instinct knows what is better for that child. Learn to tap into that and trust it. You will never be wrong.

Your child will teach you that they persevere. They don't give up on learning how to walk because they fall, and they absolutely fall again and again, but they just get up and do it again. The only reason a child might hesitate is because an ignorant adult is feeding that child with his fears and emotions. So watch them; we can learn to not take no for an answer when something means the world to us, making us stronger at the end.

Your child will teach you that sometimes words are not needed; just placing your sticky, chubby fingers and arms around a frustrated person and hugging them tight can be win-win situation. It melts the heart of the person you're doing it to and it makes you feel pretty darn good too.

Your child will teach you that they are a sponge and a sounding board. What you say and what you do sticks to them like a nail to a magnet... and will then be thrown right back your way.

I don't believe that it means that we have to calculate what we say and do for the sake of the child, I think it means that in every word spoken, every action taken around that child, we should try to be loving, compassionate, authentic and human... This might mean just practising that way of being more and more each day with ourselves and everyone else so it comes naturally.

Cutting words hurt adults badly, especially if it reaches the core of who they are and reminds them of situations from way back when, but cutting words spoken to a child will create a crack in their selves that you can hear from miles away if you really listen, and that you can see in their eyes when it happens. That is a great tragedy.

Children teach you that you were once a child. Although you had parents that did their best to raise you, you are now a parent and have the ability to choose your course of action, not necessarily repeat history just because it is all you know.

All kids deserve to be taught how to exist in this world, how to have needed boundaries but they also have the absolute fundamental right to know from day one that they are beautiful just the way they are. Their differences are what makes them unique. They have gifts and talents that they should share, not hide, and they have a very real place in this world and more importantly in your heart forever more.

But most importantly, I would say, is that a child teaches you how to best be yourself. They are unconcerned by how things might look, will sing at the top of their lungs and couldn't care less if they look foolish, and truly live in the moment rejoicing, sometimes just staring at their hands without a care in the world. I think we can most benefit from paying very close attention, then snapping out of our own conditioning, to be a little more like them.

I write this because I feel it. I have not nor do I follow all these guidelines all the time, so know that sometimes you'll waver but having let the awareness in, I now realize how important what I do and say to that child is in the grander scheme of things so I work every day on letting go of the control I've been so used to, to laugh more, to play more, to be more open, to be more there, to watch more and listen more. That is all we can do.

I am always here for you should you need it, not as a critic, but as a fellow mom whose been there and will be able to listen and hopefully know when I can help and when I just need to put my arms around you, hold you tight and tell you that it's all going to be just fine!

I love you! 

Happy Mother's Day to all moms


CC: Being a Daughter

Hello blogger friends, so sorry for not showing up for the past few weeks and for missing my post for my weekly memes. I've been so busy since the last 2 weeks of April up to date, only now that I've got a chance to post for my Couple's Corner entry. Well for these weeks topic "Being a Daughter", seems a tough task for me, cos' I really don't know what to say about me being a daughter. Wayback while me and Joey was still in Cebu, we had a one-on-one talk about life. And told him everything I've been through while I'm still on my younger years with my parents and cried my heart out when I received a text message from my papa. I won't deny to everyone here that I'm not a perfect daughter/ child to my parents. For some reasons that what I am now, was just a result of my childhood encounters with my parents (speaking of child psychology). I wasn't really that close to my parents, especially when telling secrets or problems, I just keep it on myself, b'cos I was born to be independent as what they've taught me. And much more comfy with my peers and other people than with them. But that doesn't mean I don't loved them, it's just that I'm not comfortable and another reason is I'm "shy". But I'm much more open with mama than papa. One moment in my life that made me realized with these untowards feelings for my parents. Me and Joey was in Cebu for our review, and one ordinary day, a lecturer came for the daily review. We have in our review our daily motivations which was given by our lecturers, he asked us if we've been a good child to our parents then silence came in. He paused for a while and ask the same question, still no one answered, yet he knows what are our answers, and noise is in the air again. He told us his story that he was the same child as we are before and had the same reasons with us. He was also "shy", in the sense that he was a guy and kakaloka naman for him to say I Love You to his dad while he was vocal with his mom. He was leaving far from his parents and they only communicate through texting and calling. But one day his dad got sick then he called his mom and told her to lend the phone to his dad to talk to him. And at that moment he told his dad I Love you for the first time, then there was silence, then he heard I Love You too son. He told us how happy he was hearing that words from his dad and can't believed that he was able to say that without the feeling of shyness in him. He told us at that very moment if we weren't been telling ILY to our parents,  we must tell them then, and not wait for a moment that it will be too late for us to tell them that we loved them.

Back to me and Joey, he saw me crying while reading the text message and came near and read it too. He told me that maybe it's time for me to forgive my papa and give him a chance to become a good father to me. Joey was crying while telling me that I'm more luckier to have my papa around while he had lost his father while he was still 7 years old. Then I replied to my papa saying that I'm no more angry with him, maybe I was just not that showy or vocal with my feelings towards him. And also told him that I'm thankful to God for giving me him and mama as my parents and for giving me a chance to experience this life. And if given an option to chose my parents, it would still be them that I want to, cos' I wouldn't be me without them and that I wouldn't have a chance to meet my siblings and friends now if not with them.

So now, I never fail to make them feel loved and appreciated, though sometimes I'm not that showy. I'm praying to God to give them good health and more chances to be with us. And a time for us their children to pay back what they've done to us for us to be given a good life, for sending us in good schools. Somehow I've already make them proud by graduating in my course and for passing my Nurse Licensure Exam. And that I'm looking forward to work in a good hospital for me to practice my profession.
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