Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scarlet Wednesday #5

It's time for Scarlet Wednesday. 
And my topic for today's post is about my little girl's upcoming birthday.
This coming May, she will be turning 4 years, and she was asking us that 
she will be having her birthday celebrated at Jollibee Restaurant which is one of the 
famous resto for kids.

Though her granma said that we will be celebrating it simple, so we suggested that
we will just cook at home and celebrate it with the rest of the family.
And we will be celebrating it in grand only when she turns 7 years.

That's all for now, see you again next week!
Happy Wednesday to all.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scarlet Wednesday # 4: Confessions of A Geek Goddess

Hello everyone! Mariel here. I'm taking over Karen for this week's Scarlet Wednesday. I just recently went back to blogging, after taking a break for more than a year, so when Karen invited me to co-author this meme with her, I could only say yes. Writing has always been my hobby, but being away from the blogosphere for too long may have stripped me off a bit of that spunk that I'd like to believe I once possessed. So, to keep my writing momentum at an increasing rate, I happily agreed to be this blog's guest writer from time to time.

Before writing this, I was cracking my head thinking what to write about in my first post for the Scarlet Wednesday entry. Topics that I have thought of ranged from "my first train ride" to "the right amount of living space" to "five movies you should watch alone in the dark", but the light bulb moment I was waiting for did not come. I was nearing my deadline when an idea hit me. It was obvious, all along, what I should be writing about. Me. Not that I'm a conceited, narcissistic 23-year old (although that may be sometimes true plus the fact that I seem to have multiple personality disorder), but it just seemed right to make an introductory post. My only concern here now is the "scarlet pictures" that will match this "scarlet blog" about the "scarlet writer" that is yours truly. But we'll manage. *winks*

Alright let's roll!

Credits to

Forty-six years, three months, and twenty days after the fall of Bataan, a geek goddess by the name of Mariel was born into the mortal world, her parents not knowing that twenty three years later, their goddess of a geek daughter would set up her own Geek Territory in some blog spot in the cyber space. She would while away the hours of her unemployment days slamming her fingers on the computer keyboard, while carelessly thinking of the next blog post. A typical day in her recent life would be: wake up at 10AM, grab breakfast, take a bath, and stay all day in front of a computer screen.
Before I proclaimed myself the geek goddess, I was simply a nurse working my ass off in a hospital for six months, and another six months in a rural health unit. In this odd and unfair world for nurses, I saw my contract end after a year of working, thus my flight back to the blogosphere that I so missed.
I've had a couple of identities over the years of lurking in little corners in cyberspace, but they have all lost their charm in the long time that I have been away. I was once the random, diva and drama queen Mayey over at Multiply who whined over her charger being eaten by a rat, and rambled about her day to day adventures with super typhoons and bad hair days. I was also, for a time, the rabid and perverted Arashi fangirl over at Livejournal, who flailed at pretty Arashi boys, wrote perverted Arashi fanfictions, and squealed at some "rabu-rabu" among the members.

I flailed over pretty japanese guys before I was a goddess.

I may sound like a schizo or a narcissist, but there is more to me than a girl afflicted with the desire to make her thoughts be preserved in words, and her voice be heard. To know more about me, head over to The Geek Territory, where I talk about less narcissistic things, but more geeky stuff like travel, food, and books.

This ends our Scarlet Wednesday post for the week. Come back again next week for your weekly dose of red. I'd like to thank you for bearing with me today. I promise my next post will be better! 'til next time!

Live, Love, Soar high! :)

~ Mariel ~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Join BC Bloggers Now!


Just a month ago, I was doing some routine blog hopping
when I passed by a page of a friend
who happened to be a meme host like me.
As I was browsing her page, I stopped by an area
on her blog (specifically the sidebar)
and find the BC Bloggers Secret Badge.
I then clicked the badge and head my way to the site's page.
And got curious of what it is, I read the article about
how to join the circle.
After reading, I then realized myself
signing up for BC Bloggers.
I was a bit apprehensive of the response from the admin
Ms. Paula Briones, and finally I got it! *whew*
What am I going to do next?
I read more of the instructions on the article and
it says that you have to do some steps first:
by copying the badge and placing it at your side bar,
them email your site HTML to,
then make a post about the BC Blogger thing, which is
actually what I am doing now.
After doing these steps you need to wait for
the admin's response.

So what are you waiting for?
Sign-up now for the BC Blogger Secret circle.

BC Bloggers is one way of connecting
bloggers from all over the world
who are too busy at work yet wanted to have some
time writing their blogs.
And I think this is the perfect place for me to be.
Cos' here on busy bloggers,
you need not beg for links! *wink*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome my Scarlet Wednesday Co-Host

Hello bloggers!

I'm here today to introduce a Geek Goddess blogger
Mariel of The Geek Territory.
Starting next week, she will be posting for the Scarlet Wednesday meme
since I will be busy lately, but will assure you guys that
I will still host this meme,
it is just fun (I think) with someone to help me
so that I won't ran out of something to post
for this meme.

You can still join me here every week
(Wednesday) for the
Scarlet Wednesday meme!*wink*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Take me Away

Titanic !!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scarlet Wednesday #3

It's Scarlet Wednesday once again and before I
go with my post for today,
I will first feature a wonderful blogger
Forsythea of My Life's Treasured Moments for being my first linker last week.
Thank you so much for joining Scarlet Wednesday and for supporting
it every week.

I talk about being gone last week and the reason behind it
was exactly the post I am writing today.
I wanna share with you my summer escapade with friends.
One reason why it's more fun in the Philippines! :)

Last week, me and my hospital friends went
to Punta Bulata beach resort located at Cauayan, Negros Occidental.
There we stayed overnight, but we didn't get a room,
instead we brought tents and do camping at the sea side.
And that what makes it more fun, since it was Holy Week last week,
one friend wasn't permitted to bring his car, so we decided to take a bus.
Then we arrived at the place around 8 o'clock in the evening.
Then we make our tent and have our dinner.
The rest of our nights and the next morning were a lot of fun things
and activities we did there. Below were some photo's taken.

How about you?
What did you do last Holy Week?
Come join and share it with us.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scarlet Wednesday #2

It's Scarlet Wednesday once again!
I was a little bit earlier for my post since
I have something important to do later and was kind of busy
lately for the preparation of my upcoming wedding.

Today I will be featuring Mr. John McElveen of Full-On Forward
for being my first linker last week.
Thank you very much Mr. McElveen for supporting Scarlet Wednesday.
I was hoping that you will continue supporting my meme.

So who will be my next featured blog for next week?
We'll see who's gonna be our first linker for today.

For my second post for Scarlet Wednesday,
I will share with you a place I love to visit in Cebu.

This is the first time me and hubby went to Cebu for our review
for the Nursing Board Examination.
Because of too much pressure of studying,
I decided to invite him to stroll Cebu and have some time together.
After all we need some break, and we haven't had our date lately.

Here were some photo's taken at the
Cebu Taoist Temple

at the entrance

going in, you will going to pass a bridge, somewhat like the
Great Wall of China

a pose of my hubby with the overview of the temple behind

going up to the chapel and prayer room

another pose, now the two of us, good thing I've brought my tripod

another entrance to the temple located at the back.

There were lots of beautiful places and lots of reasons why visit Cebu.
These were just one scenic place,
more to be explored on my later posts.
So, stay tuned *wink*

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